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<b>Jamie Mitchell</b>, Editor
Jamie Mitchell, Editor

Since the age of ten Jamie Mitchell has been making music professionally. As an adult he’s composed music for “The Shield,” “Road Rules Challenge,” “Amnesty International,” as well as a score for Spyglass Entertainment’s “From a Place of Darkness.” Becoming an editor was really just an extension of the music. As owner of Beachwood Cottage Film And Music, Jamie has edited several feature films (Che Guevara, Dir. Josh Evans, House of the Rising Sun, Dir. Bill Balas) and produced several documentaries (TVN, MavTV, InDemand) and televison episodics (FuelTV). Already good friends, Jamie and Kevin Keresey, the director of the Rat Thing, edited this film together in a true extension of their friendship, and had a lot of fun in the process.

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