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<b>Jamie Hitchcock</b>, Camera Operator
Jamie Hitchcock, Camera Operator

While still in High School Jamie Hitchcock began apprenticing under legendary cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs. Learning his craft from the ground up from one of the most respected cinematographers of all time, Jamie started as a film loader, camera assistant, and focus puller before becoming a respected camera operator. His most popular movie credits include THE BIRDCAGE, TWILIGHT, A WALK IN THE CLOUDS, A LITTLE PRINCESS, ROCKY V, BEACHES, PRIZZI¹S HONOR, F.I.S.T., NEW YORK NEW YORK, SHAMPOO, and PAPER MOON. His most popular television credits include MY BIG FAT GREEK LIFE, DHARMA AND GREG, TITUS, THE JEFF FOXWORTHY SHOW, QUANTAM LEAP, FALCON CREST, THIRTYSOMETHING, MURDER SHE WROTE, MIKE HAMMER, and MOONLIGHTING.

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