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<b>Dan McColgin</b> as Security Guard
Dan McColgin as Security Guard

Dan McColgan discovered his love of acting at age 19 while performing at poetry readings in the coffee houses of San Francisco. His readings were so dynamic and exciting that Dan soon had quite a large fan base including Alan Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. His poetry was eventually published in Longshot and a few other publications. Dan went on to work with several respected theatre groups in San Francisco receiving numerous positive reviews and accolades. After landing a role in the Oliver Stone movie "The Doors", Dan decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue film and television acting. He became a regular on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" and acted in many independent films. Dan returned to the theatre in the late 90's, taking on five roles in one play. It was this experience that got him ready for the movie SOUL ASSASSIN. Dan is also an experienced martial artist and weapons expert and has been able to use this knowledge to choreograph fight and combat scenes for both stage and screen.

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