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<b>Joey Gaynor</b> as Nightmare Judge
Joey Gaynor as Nightmare Judge

Actor/Comedian Joey Gaynor has appeared in such films as THE FIVE HEARTBEATS, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, KILLING GROUNDS, and Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen in which he Co-Starred with Tim Allen and Chris Rock. He also wrote the Troma comedy cult classic FEROCIOUS FEMALE FREEDOM FIGHTERS. He has done extensive television work as well, Co-Starring in HBO's FIRST AND TEN, and Robert Townsend's PARTNERS IN CRIME. A stand up comedian for as long as he can remember Joey says, "I've always been on the fringe, the edge, or at least it seems that way. I feel very lucky to have been mentored by such great comedians like Andy Kaufman and Richard Pryor, and my freind and acting mentor the late Timothy Carey. I love doing characters, and voices and becoming someone I'm not...that's what makes this fun and not seem like a job. When it seems like a job, I'll get a REAL one." Joey currently resides in the San Fernando Valley, where he writes, rarely venturing out in the daylight and studies with who he feels is the best acting coach in the U.S.A., Paul Sylvan.

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